Why I Became a Monthly Donor


The Children’s Book Bank has made a huge impact in my life as a new mother. From the time my daughter Elizabeth was four or five months old, we’ve been visiting the Book Bank to discover new board books, play on the carpet and meet other kids and parents. It’s become something like a second home for us. I think she took her first steps there!


We’re incredibly lucky to live just a few doors down from the Children’s Book Bank, but we’re also lucky because Elizabeth does not face the social or financial barriers to literacy like many of the children in the neighbourhood. Early in our visits, I was concerned that taking a book from the Book Bank meant that it wouldn’t make its way into the hands someone who needed it more than us. Becoming a monthly donor was a way for me to appreciate the gift of a book while giving something in return. My donation supports the Book Bank’s phenomenal staff and volunteers and increases their capacity to do more programming and outreach in the community. This is more than what could be achieved by simply buying a book from a store. 

-Karen Whaley

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

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